PERM Labor Certification

The PERM program (Program Electronic Review Management) is part of the online process of the US Department of Labor for approval of alien labor certifications.

The Department of Labor has online information that covers the program in general terms at:

The keys to successful PERM filings with this agency include a careful design of the offered occupation, following the PERM regulations to the letter of the law, conducting the required test of the labor market with the necessary advertising and posting, preparing the documents for a possible Audit, and being certain to meet all deadlines required of the process.

We do the difficult work with our HR associates in the PERM process.

We provide overall guidance, prepare the content for required document preparation, act as your agent for submission and communication with USDOL, and will be prepared in the event of a challenge.

Most employers find our services to be helpful toward achieving the objective of PERM approval, and often much better than their prior experiences with other services in the PERM area.

Our firm has a team devoted to the PERM process. Our overall approval rates exceed the published statistics for PERM approvals regularly.

We invite your inquiries on the PERM process and in regards to our services.

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